We have been one of the leading Czech furniture manufacturers for 25 years. We have supplied our own office and commercial interior designs to many major companies in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.
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Mias OC celebrated its 25th anniversary

Mias OC company was established under the original name „ROVI s.r.o.“ on the 7th of September 1990. During its 25 years of history, the company went thru many transitions and a few changes of name and the owner. From the blacksmith’s production with five employees, the company has developed to one of the leading Czech office furniture manufacturer with high-quality type series products and steady clientele.

After one year since establishment, the company has reached an annual turnover of 30 million CZK. And turnovers were growing, six years later the turnover was 230 million CZK. The main goal of Mias OC always was to make high quality Czech product with focus to current trends. And the company do not step out from this effort. First of all, the people. They are the ones for whom we create value in the design of office interiors. This our mission represents the brand „human office solutions“.


In order to fulfill our commitment to offer the best solution possible, we decided to forge a partnership with Germany-Swiss group of office seating manufacturers “Dauphin HumanDesign® Group”. Dauphin cooperates with outstanding designers and is a leader in research of ergonomic seating. Exclusive partnership for the Czech Republic allows us to offer to the domestic customer a complex solution of not only office interiors.

At present, Mias OC is not only a significant player on the Czech market. A large part of Mias OC’s products is shipped abroad. The largest part of exported products is realized on the German market.

In the future, company wants to stabilize their position on the Czech market and focus more on the export of high quality Czech furniture abroad.

Thank you for being with us. Your interest is our commitment to the future.