Timeless office solution

EN Line

The four-legged NV desk attracts not only with its refined design, but with its functionality as well. It offers absolute customisation with its height adjustability, the options of a sliding table top or cable flap for cable storage, and other options thanks to the range of accessories. Employees will enjoy working at NV desks, which are perfectly confi gured for their specific  needs.

Basic model

  • 25 mm laminated particle board table top
  • Metal legs with height adjustment or fixed height (75 cm or 72 cm, including the table top
  • Height levelling



(1, 2, 3) Option to adjust the height of the desk according to a height gauge from 68-82 cm.

(3) A desk with a fixed height.

(4, 5, 6) Cable storage system: (4) Cable flap (5, 6), Sliding table top